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Much welcome to our webpage. The Instituto Campos Abiertos opens its doors in the net through a educational platform that will offer you a huge range of possibilities. But the best of all, it is the likelihood to share your knowledge, experience and projects with other people far away from you, but with the same fields of interest. If you think you have something to offer us, do not hesitate to contact us!!.

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Among the activities planned for this year we include the creation of an online educational platform with courses to be developed in Spanish, French, English, Hebrew and Arabic; with educational opportunities beyond the activities of the institute, expanding replication in other areas of knowledge (eg: hospital areas, exact sciences, economics, languages, literature, history, politics, sociology, computer science, and more). The platform will use the most modern and advanced knowledge transfer programs (forums, videos, online conference, subtitled in different languages) and will be based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The final idea is to create a plural network between teachers and students from different backgrounds, addressing issues from a pluralistic view.