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Welcome to the online educational platform of Open Fields Institute (Instituto Campos Abiertos), founded ten years ago in Tel Aviv in order to deepen understanding of problems of the israeli society in particular and the Middle East in general. Through a strong commitment to dialogue and peace, ICA advises as mediator on situations of conflict and, secondly, through concrete actions for understanding between peoples.

With a universal vocation, the ICA decides to support dialogue and understanding through education and international courses that allow to add value to the specialization at all levels and sectors, in different languages ​​and by renowned professionals from different countries. We believe in academic excellence and high specialization as a strategic pillar to build new partnerships and to advance in the dialogue at all levels, providing values, knowledge, skills and abilities as every student could be capable to fit into new realities and continuing social, political and economic changes.

We invite you to meet our courses and to join our community.


Political scientist and Psychologist. Master of Applied Ethics on Health (Bioethics) and Master in Judaic Studies. 
An Israeli, resides in Tel Aviv. President of the “Instituto Campos Abiertos”, 

He is dedicated to civil rights in his country from a Post-Zionist perspective, and also the Jewish-Arab coexistence and peace in the Middle East. Continue reading ...

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Former Programme Coordinator of the Foundation Three Cultures, currently works in the private sector as Consultant in foreign trade and cultural areas for companies in Middle East. He has worked during 10 years in private companies and another 10 in the public sector. He has published two novels and some cinema scripts, along with academic works on arab literature. He currently works as well as independent trader on stock markets.

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